Anti-smoking research findings show that people are far more likely to give up when they realise the emotional effect that their habit has on their loved ones, particularly their children.

So we created a campaign featuring the actual children of real smokers, who were given the opportunity to tell their mums and dads exactly how their smoking makes them feel. The ads were unscripted, and targeted the parents directly, playing on TV during their favourite programmes.

The print executions talked directly to the parents in the newspapers and magazines that they read.

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The outdoor ran on sites that the parents passed on a daily basis, thus interrupting their day with a startling message from their child.

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The campaign also ran online, on radio and as ambient. Have a look at how everything worked as a campaign:

The campaign got a shed load of media coverage. Our favourite bit was when little Mollie got to meet Eamonn Holmes on Sky News. She almost reduced the big guy to tears. Bless him.